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January 6, 2017

Fall Meeting: Did you miss the science policy & science writing fellowship luncheon?

Are you a scientist interested in policy or journalism? Are you considering a career in policy or journalism? Did you sadly miss our event discussing our science policy and science writing fellowships? Well, you’re in luck! During Fall Meeting, AGU hosted a luncheon entitled “How to be a Congressional Science or Mass Media Fellow”. The event provided attendees the opportunity to learn more about the fellowships and hear from current …


December 15, 2016

The Case for Communication: Speaking vs. Being Heard

Today’s post is part of a series written by student bloggers from the AGU Fall Meeting. By: Sarah Trimble, University of Mary Washington   As a union of geophysical scientists, gathered in mass at our annual meeting of like minds, we presently face a tipping point in our mission of communication. All of the precision, accuracy, and controlled experiments in our world will amount to little if we do not also effectively …


December 14, 2016

One year after COP21: 3 things we learned

Today’s post is part of a series written by student bloggers from the AGU Fall Meeting. By: Adele Kuzmiakova, Graduate Student, University College London, London Exactly one year ago, December 2015, marked a historical turning point in Paris where around 200 countries adopted the first-ever, bottom-up climate deal. The agreement provides a backdrop for a global action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to constrain the global warming rate to …


December 13, 2016

Geoethics: It’s for you!

Today’s post is part of a series written by student bloggers from the AGU Fall Meeting. By: Tong Qiu, Graduate Student, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Personal and professional ethical standards are becoming more and more important for geoscientists. Geoethics covers the professional standards required for geoscientists to work and serve the society. Unethical practice within geoscience include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, deliberately falsification of data and …


December 23, 2015

What Does it Mean to Be a Geoscientist?

Today’s post is part of a series written by student bloggers from the AGU Fall Meeting. By: Emily Parker, Ph.D. student in environmental engineering, University of California, Irvine What does it mean to be a geoscientist? I did not know it was a question that needed answering – I thought it was a well-defined occupation. After attending an AGU Fall Meeting session focused specifically on what being a geoscientist means, however, …


December 22, 2015

Antarctic Proposals Worthy of Jules Verne

Today’s post is part of a series written by student bloggers from the AGU Fall Meeting. By: Andrea Stevens, Graduate Student, University of Arizona I couldn’t help wishing Jules Verne was sitting next to me this morning as the future directions of Antarctic research were laid bare in the halls of the Moscone Center at the AGU Fall meeting. From science-fiction looking gadgets and imaginative project proposals to an international cohort …


December 18, 2014

SIPS Ahoy, AGU ReLaunches Focus Group

The Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences (SIPS) Focus Group of AGU is casting off any impediments that may have kept us below the sonar, radar or lidar of the AGU membership at the 2014 Fall Meeting in San Francisco. We invite attendees to participate in a SIPS Lunch and Relaunch Event on Thursday, December 18 to discuss the objectives and activities of SIPS. The group was established in 2008, but has a revised name and an updated webpage, so the Fall Meeting is an opportune time for a meet, greet and critique.


December 20, 2013

Senator Olympia Snowe Encourages Scientists to Make Their Voices Heard

The large auditorium was standing-room only for former Senator Olympia Snowe’s (R-Maine) address at AGU’s 2013 Fall Meeting. An ally with a history of standing up for many of AGU’s key issues on and off Capitol Hill, Senator Snowe resigned in January of 2013 over what she saw as an increasingly inept and hyper-partisan atmosphere in Congress. During her time in the Senate, Snowe positioned herself in the middle of …


December 3, 2013

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund: Protecting the Scientific Endeavor

So you are having a great time at the AGU Fall Meeting. You are meeting science colleagues from around the world, you are seeing cutting edge research presented in the scientific program, and you are enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful San Francisco. Then you check your email and the blood drains from your face. Your institution’s legal counsel explains that a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request has …