February 16, 2016

The Science Policy Scene in 2016

Posted by bwebster


The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has many exciting science policy events scheduled throughout 2016 to broaden the connections between AGU members and the policy community in Washington, D.C., and in their local communities.



AGU is proud tCapitolo host our second member-only AGU Congressional Visits Day (AGU CVD) this spring. This event will bring together AGU member scientists from the academic and private sectors in order to share the wonder and value of the Earth sciences with their legislators in Washington, D.C. AGU CVD participants will focus on the significance of federal funding for scientific research and development throughout the United States. The participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about the policy process and will refine their science communication skills. Representatives from the following key states will get the chance to travel to D.C. to meet with their respective legislative offices: California, Colorado, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and Texas. The event will be hosted on 20–21 April 2016. The first day will include a training workshop, and the second day will consist of meetings with legislators. Apply today.

Later this spring, AGU will host a geoscience and national security briefing on Capitol Hill. The briefing will showcase the vital importance of various fields of Earth and space science to our nation’s security, making a critical connection for many members of Congress to see additional value in geoscience research. Members of Congress will learn more about the significant role the geosciences have on our everyday lives and the vital connection between the geosciences and security.



It is extremely important for AGU members to share the value and importance of the Earth sciences not only with their respective legislators here at the nation’s capital but also with their local legislator’s district offices. AGU will host a summer webinar to help members prepare to meet with their legislators at home during congressional recess. Because of the 2016 presidential election, the August Congressional recess is especially long this year (16 July to 5 September), making it a great opportunity for you to meet with your representative and senators at a local district office. Join us on 7 July at 2:30 p.m. Eastern time. Register today.

In 2016, AGU will launch a new effort to foster dialogue between the science and policy worlds to reach new recommendations on key science policy issues.  Extensive research and interviews we conducted with scientists, policy makers, and others showed us that each of those worlds sees tremendous value in the other—yet there are many misconceptions, stereotypes, and barriers.  To help hurdle those obstacles, we will host a new Science Policy Forum, which will involve academic, policy, and private sector participants in an interactive program around one topic.  With this forum, we aim not only to achieve a breakthrough on key aspects of the topic at hand that will lead to proposals for new policies, research, and/or community engagement but also to foster improved relationships and understanding between the parties. We expect the forum to take place in late summer or early fall—stay tuned to agu.org for news on what, when, and where and how you can be involved!



The public affairs team will host multiple events throughout the AGU Fall Meeting from 12 to 16 December. The Congressional Science Fellowship and Mass Media Fellowship Luncheon is a chance to learn about career opportunities in science policy and science communication. AGU’s Sharing Science program will host science communication events and workshops throughout the meeting. These events will enable AGU members to advance and hone their communication skills. The AGU Public Affairs team will also hold a science policy workshop to help members understand how they can get involved with policy and the importance of scientists’ voice in policy. In addition, there will be numerous scientific sessions that focus on the connection between science and policy.

We look forward to our members’ involvement throughout 2016! We want to advance the dialogue between scientists and policy makers in 2016 and beyond. Please help up elevate the critical importance of Earth and space science by becoming involved in our 2016 events!