The Bridge is a platform to provide an opportunity for scientists, policy makers, or other experts to communicate ideas about the science policy interface to the public, decision-makers, and others. Contributions to the blog will foster AGU’s efforts to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation for Earth and space sciences and the connection to policy.


Comment Policies

We appreciate your comments on the Bridge blog and encourage you to join the discussion. Comments will be reviewed by AGU staff and will not be accepted if they are offensive, politically driven, contain extreme partisan language, profanity, or spam. Relevant links that support your comments are encouraged. Please provide a full name and working email address with your comment (email addresses will not be published).


Guidelines and Submission Policies for Guest Contributors

  • Guest posts must fit within the objectives of the blog, as described above.
  • Guest posts will be reviewed and edited by AGU staff to fit within the objectives and guidelines of the blog.
  • Guest posts will not be accepted if they are offensive, politically driven, or contain extreme partisan language.
  • Acceptance of guest posts will be at the discretion of AGU staff.
  • Posts should be 700 words or less.
  • Posts must include at least one picture and may include several images and videos. The author(s) of the post must have permission to use these media and supply a credit.
  • Authors must supply their name, affiliation, and short sentence(s) describing their expertise in the science policy area.
  • AGU will give priority to original content, but will consider cross-posting guest blogs on an individual basis.

Consider mentioning any of the following in a post:

  • The value of your topic/research/work to society
  • The relationship between science and policy
  • Practical advice/tips for scientists/policy makers (e.g. communication, outreach, education, experiences)
  • Future directions
  • Something you learned/practices that affect your field
  • New information or resources on a topic
  • Thought-provoking ideas to stimulate discussion
  • Be creative! Express your ideas in your own style and with your own voice

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