December 26, 2016

GeoPolicy Connect: Recommendations for the Future

Posted by Timia Crisp

A breakout group working at GPC.AGU’s inaugural GeoPolicy Connect (GPC) brought participants together to discuss how better decisions can be made around oil and gas issues as they pertain to hydraulic fracturing. Throughout the two day event, participants were tasked with finding ways to have inclusive conversations that lead to sound decisions around science policy issues.

Through collaboration and innovative thinking, the following recommendations emerged:

  1. Build up easily accessible resources for science information to be used by different audiences.
  2. Science policy conversations and decisions should include policy makers, scientists, community and business leaders.
  3. Science should be included in these conversations in a manner that can be understood and used by different groups.
  4. Science policy decisions should be made through collaborative entities to improve public trust.

Read more about these recommendations here.

We look forward to future iterations of these recommendations. If you would like to provide additional input or participate in a future GPC event, please email us at [email protected].