December 19, 2022

Seeking Comments on Two Draft AGU Position Statements

Posted by Caitlin Bergstrom

AGU members have until 20 January 2023 to comment on revisions to the organization’s position statements on ocean science and research and climate intervention 

The statement on ocean science and research focuses on the international need for integrated research, extensive education, and effective management actions to sustainably govern ocean resources and address the inequitable impacts of climate change.  It calls for collaboration among diverse stakeholders to forge a path of action towards a sustainable future.   

The statement on climate intervention notes that substantial research and evaluation programs are urgently needed to determine the effectiveness, risks, and opportunities of climate intervention and inform societal decisions about possible implementation. At the same time, the statement notes the need for the research community and policymakers to consider and address the ethical implications of climate intervention globally and fully engage communities in the decision process and recognizes the need for effective and inclusive national governance. 

Each statement has been updated by a panel of experts on the subject matter. The panels are charged with updating the position statements to reflect changes in science, technology and society since the statements were last revised in 2018. The panels rely on member comments to finalize the draft statement, which will then be approved by AGU’s Position Statement Committee, Board and Council. 

AGU position statements—created, revised and approved by members—are what enable AGU to take adaptive stances on significant policy issues, ranging from climate change to national security. As part of a recurring four-year process, AGU’s Position Statement Committee reviews existing statements to decide which should be reaffirmed, retired or revised. Members can propose new position statements via this form.