March 9, 2023

AGU’s 2023 Policy Priorities

Posted by Madeleine Beller

The U.S. Capitol

In 2019, AGU began developing annual policy priorities to help focus our advocacy work and speed up the advancement of important science policy and legislation. Our policy priorities reflect not only AGU’s broader strategic goals and current policy landscape, but also the needs and priorities of our members.

To represent the diversity of AGU’s community, all within the Earth and space science community were encouraged to participate in a survey to provide feedback on the proposed policy priorities. Our 317 survey responses included feedback from male, female, transgender, and non-binary scientists in all stages of their careers, from students to retirees.

The top priorities outlined by survey participants included:

  1. Climate Change; Natural Hazards (52%)
  2. Environmental Health and Justice (19%)
  3. Funding for Science (13%)

After considering feedback from members and leadership, we are happy to announce AGU’s 2023 policy priorities. Our priorities center around the three following themes:

  1. Expand discovery and innovation in the Earth and space sciences.
  2. Build a society resilient to climate change and environmental hazards.
  3. Improve the production, accessibility, and integrity of scientific knowledge.

Through broad and inclusive partnerships and leveraging our shared earth and space science policy priorities, AGU accelerates knowledge, advocates for policy, and creates solutions that are ethical, unbiased, and respectful of communities and their values. AGU’s policy priorities allow us to amplify and support the needs of our members as we advocate for policies to expand scientific discovery and exploration for the benefit of all.

Read AGU’s 2023 Policy Priorities in detail here.