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October 10, 2016

Improving Science Literacy – from classroom to community

As part of Earth Science Week, we’ll be highlighting different leaders in the geosciences – from research to education and community outreach. We are posting Q&A’s on The Bridge asking geoscientists about the work they do. Today’s topic is Earth Science Literacy Day and our featured member is Jennifer Spirelli. Jennifer is currently the Assistant Principal in Somers Middle School in upstate New York.   Could you summarize your job in a …


Earth Science Week is here!

It’s Earth Science Week! Each day this week AGU will be recognizing the efforts of a few members and how they contribute to the geosciences and science education. Thanks to the leadership of Senator Lisa Murkowski and the bill’s co-sponsors, a resolution recognizing Earth Science Week has already passed in the Senate. A similar resolution has been introduced in the House.  Each day we will highlight a different geoscience focus; here’s a preview. Monday, …