March 25, 2021

AGU Endorses the American Innovation Act

On 25 March 2021, AGU sent a letter of support to Senator Dick Durbin (IL) in support of the American Innovation Act.   On behalf of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and our community of 130,000 worldwide in the Earth and space sciences, I am writing to thank you for crafting and offering AGU’s official endorsement for the American Innovation Act.   The American Innovation Act provides stable and increasing funding for federal …


March 18, 2021

AGU’s 2021 Policy Priorities   

Diversity in STEM

As a scientific society whose members’ research and interests span the universe, AGU’s science policy interests are just as vast – from scientific integrity to funding for science to building resilience to natural hazards. In 2019, AGU began developing annual policy priorities to help focus our advocacy work and speed the advancement of important science policy and legislation. For example, last Congress by focusing on our policy priorities AGU was able to secure passage of the Space Weather Research …


March 9, 2021

AGU endorsement of the Supporting Early Career Researchers Act

On 8 March 2021, AGU sent a letter of support to leadership of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee for the Supporting Early Career Researchers Act.   Dear Chairwoman Johnson and Ranking Member Lucas: On behalf of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and our community of 130,000 worldwide in the Earth and space sciences, I am writing to thank you for crafting and offering AGU’s official endorsement for the …


February 26, 2021

Biden’s first 30 days in office: what it’s meant for science

President Biden campaigned on bringing science back to the center of policy. Knowing this, AGU shared a First 100 Days Memo with the Biden-Harris Transition team, laying out key priorities for climate change, the role of science, and a strong, diverse and inclusive scientific workforce. Now, a little more than a month into the Biden administration, we take a closer look at what progress has – and has not – …


February 18, 2021

A new webinar & new opportunity to engage U.S. policymakers

Capitol Dome in Washington, DC

2021 has brought with it a new Congress and a new U.S. administration, which means new opportunities to engage policymakers and share with them the value of the Earth and space sciences.   Join our upcoming webinar   Whether you are new to science policy and want to learn more about federal policy processes or are experienced but just want to improve the effectiveness of your engagements, AGU and its …


January 25, 2021

Join us in welcoming your new Members of Congress

The 117th Congress was sworn in on 3 January and has already been busy laying out priorities and drafting legislation. Join us on 25-29 January and reach out to your new member of Congress, follow them on social media, introduce yourself and let them know why #ScienceIsEssential. Introducing yourself now will help ensure science stays on the minds of members as they set their priorities for the new Congress. The AGU Action Center automatically connects you …


January 6, 2021

A new Congress and a new administration: what to expect in 2021

image of White House from South Lawn

The year 2020 was monumental for U.S. elections: more than 159 million people voted, the highest number ever recorded in an election. President Joseph R. Biden’s win was certified on 6 January by Congress. Already, President Biden has shared his priorities for his time in office: COVID-19, economic recovery, addressing racial equity and climate change. Democrats maintained control of the House of Representatives and flipped the Senate, giving President-elect Biden …


December 22, 2020

Science stands steady in Fiscal Year 2021 spending

Amid contentious negotiation for a new COVID-19 stimulus package and several continuing resolutions, Congress finally passed the fiscal year 2021 spending package. Overall, federal science agency budgets saw slight boosts in funding. Notably, NOAA’s Climate Research office saw a 7% increase and NSF has been directed to issue a report on the extent of the damage to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Additionally, the Forest and Rangeland Service within …


December 1, 2020

Legal Education for Scientists at #AGU20

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) and AGU work together to help scientists from all geoscience disciplines understand their legal rights and responsibilities—knowledge that’s an essential part of every researcher’s professional development. This is the ninth year we’re partnering on the Legal Education for Scientists Program, and we’re offering a range of events at the 2020 Fall Meeting.   Among our events are three workshops featuring attorneys from CSLDF and …


November 23, 2020

Science Policy Events at Fall Meeting 2020

AGU’s annual Fall Meeting is just around the corner! Although Fall Meeting 2020 will look a little different than years past, we are thrilled to have the Earth and space science community together again in one virtual space. The Public Affairs Team has been busy preparing a packed schedule of science policy events for our members–whether you want to hear from experts on what the recent U.S. election means for …