October 28, 2013

The Bridge Joins AGU’s Blogosphere

Posted by Meg Gilley

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Policy


Welcome to The Bridge: Connecting Science and Policy! We are excited and honored to join the AGU Blogosphere family.

Our goal is to provide readers with a deeper understanding of how science and policy intersect and to encourage discussion about how those intersections can be enriched. Scientific research is often far removed from policy, which in many instances makes sense. Research itself should be isolated from the influence of politics. However, we recognize that funding impacts scientists’ ability to conduct research, and that policy makers can benefit from including relevant data in their decision making. We hope to explore those places where science and policy come together and discuss ways to improve those interactions and encourage more of them, where appropriate.

We hope that readers will become active participants by posting comments and responding to others. If you are interested in writing a guest post about a science policy topic, drop us a note in the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Check out the ‘Guidelines’ tab for more information on our commenting and guest posting policies. Learn more about the origins of The Bridge under the ‘About’ tab.

Thanks for checking out The Bridge. We look forward to many thought-provoking conversations about science policy.

-AGU Public Affairs team