June 1, 2017

Environmental Protection Agency: Cuts to Science and Personnel

Posted by Timia Crisp

The President’s budget proposes an overall reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funding by 30% relative to the FY2017 Omnibus bill. 

The agency’s Science and Technology programs would see nearly a 45% reduction under the President’s budget to streamline EPA’s work, including cuts to research in the Air and Energy, Water Resources, Community Sustainability, and Chemical Safety programs to name a few. Programs that would be eliminated under the President’s proposal include the greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring program, the indoor air and radiation (except response preparedness) programs, and the water security program.

These reductions and program eliminations align with the Administration’s priority to create a leaner federal workforce and reduce federal oversight of programs in favor of more flexibility and authority at the state level. The President’s budget seeks to reduce the federal workforce by eliminating nearly 25% of FTE (full time equivalents) in FY2018.

For more, see the EPA budget highlights and full budget request here.

Concerned about these cuts? You can do something right now. The President’s budget is just a suggestion. Congress has the ultimate say in how our government is funded. Take 5 minutes and speak up for the Environmental Protection Agency by sharing with your legislators why this agency is critical to America’s scientific enterprise.