December 7, 2018

Science Communication and Policy Events at Fall Meeting

Posted by Laura Lyon

By Shane M Hanlon and Brittany Webster

In a world where most people cannot name a living scientist and science has been increasingly politicized, it’s important for scientists to be able to connect their science with society. This year at Fall Meeting, AGU is excited to have spaces dedicated to both science communication and outreach, as well as science policy, that will help you connect science to general non-scientists, journalists, policymakers, and beyond.


Top 7 Science Communication picks by our AGU Student & Early Career Leaders

Science Communication: A Sharing Science Room will host a week of events to help scientists communicate their science with any audience. From media and storytelling workshops, to social media forums, to informal Q&A’s, participants will be able to find resources on the communication and outreach method that’s best for them!


Top 7 Science Policy picks by our AGU Student & Early Career Leaders

In Science Policy: A Sharing Science Room, scientists will have access to science policy insiders, tools, and information to help them understand the science policy landscape and effectively engage their legislators. AGU members will also have the opportunity to take action by meeting, calling, or writing their legislators during the meeting

We hope to see you there!


Shane M Hanlon is the Program Manager for AGU’s Sharing Science Program and Brittany Webster is the Program Manager for AGU Public Affairs.